Dada Resources for Research and Study


Adbusters is a group to familiarize yourself with if you cherish efforts to combat corporate think and the commercial colonization of our minds, living space and cultural institutions. We like them, they like Dada.


Hand-Engraved-RArchives Dada

A Tumblr site by Juliette Bertron with archival pictorial materials on over 30 important Dadas. Also includes a modest collection of texts in both English and French.

To mark 100 years of the Dada movement, Kunsthaus Zürich digitizes Dada collection; Results online in 2016

This article describes the digitization efforts of Zurich’s Central Library (Zentralbibliothek) of approximately 700 Dada documents and artworks for universal access.


Hand-Engraved-RThe Art Story – Movements: Dada

A brief overview of Dada with links to several key artists and various resources such as articles, books and videos online, including the

ABC’S of Dada linked in the YouTube resource listings.


Hand-Engraved-RBehold My Swarthy Face

This blog presents a group of poems by Japanese Dadaist and Zen poet Takahashi Shinkichi.


Hand-Engraved-R“Big Dada!” – Schweizer Radio un Fersehen – Swiss Radio and Television

This multi-media website aggregates sources from the Zurich Dada Centennial celebration (including as well as additional interviews, articles, clips and images.


Hand-Engraved-RDada – Art and Anti Art

This website narrates Dada’s history and influences, featuring works by artists Man Ray, Hannah Höch, Raoul Hausmann, Jean (Hans) Arp, Kurt Schwitters, and Marcel Duchamp.


Hand-Engraved-RDada Companion

A website consolidating information on Dada from a wide range of sources that are presented in a series for short articles on various topics. These include links on 20 major figures associated with Dada, several locations associated with Dada activities, and numerous production techniques typical of Dada. These are primarily excerpts from previously published books, monographs and journal articles. The site also includes useful basic resources such as bibliographies, chronology and links to journalistic reactions to Dada during the historic period, primarily in German.

A component of the website is the Dada Newsletter



This comprehensive website – “a digital cabaret” –  immersing the viewer into a distinctly Dada environment, was launched on January 18, 2016 and will end March 5, 2016. Daily news updates scroll down the center of the Home Page, framed by columns of “Dada-Hacktions” to the left and “Depot” to the right. Featured artists in all categories are accompanied by images, profiles and artworks. Sample content appears below.

Weekly Update: Dada-Hacktions:

Block: Exhorts viewers to “replace all internet ads with 100% genuine Dada slogans,” then links to a Depot article entitled, “Dada & Advertising.”

Connected Ready Made: Live from the Café Voltaire: viewers invited to pick a Dada work for 3-D printing. Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray.

Gafa:Viewers enter cellphone code to activate marionettes inspired by Taeuber-Arp.

Gram: Add a photo to the “worldwide digital canvas” of the “Dadagram” and view the progress thus far.

Tweet Poetry: Read and hear worldwide tweets at, and add your own.

Manifesto: On March 4-5, the Café Voltaire will host a “non-stop” 30-hour creative session. Let’s Write a Digital Dada Manifesto! will be live-streamed for universal participation. PDF program attached.

Depot Categories:

These include Publicity, Sculpture, Publication, Anime, Animation, Berlin, Photography, Punk, Manifesto, Artists, Readymade, Poetry, Collage, Performance and Progaganda. Each category contains a variety of resources and amusements.

Performance: Anime video: “The Dada Baronness” about Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven; Arthur Cravan, Hugo Ball

Propaganda: Quotations from Tristan Tzara, Theor van Doesburg, Walter Serner



A website maintained by Anne Sanouillet, in both French and English, with resources on major Dadaists such as Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, May Ray, Kurt Schwitters and Tristan Tzara. Also has a news section, and listings of exhibitions, books, events and media.


Hand-Engraved-RDada Sounds Page on PennSound

A series of sound recordings featuring readings of Dada works by Hugo Ball, Richard Raoul Hausmann, Huelsenbeck, Kurt Schwitters and Tristan Tzara.


Hand-Engraved-RInternational Dada Archive

University of Iowa Libraries

This archive is a major scholarly resource for the study of the historic Dada movement. It consists of a physical collection of books, journals, manuscripts, video and sound recordings, and microfilmed documents. It also include extensive online resources including:

  • The International Online Bibliography of Dada – a catalogue of over 60, 000 titles.
  • The Dada Digital Library – links to scanned versions of Dada-era publications contained in the archive such as periodicals, exhibition catalogues, broadsides and books.


Hand-Engraved-RInternational Union of Mail Artists

An organization activity working to keep the US Postal Service alive by incessantly routing ephemeral artworks to one another for the same unfathomable reason that the sun comes up every morning.



Monoskop is a wiki for collaborative studies of the arts, media and humanities. The Dada page has over 25 page links on pertinent topics, a bibliography with links and resource links.


Hand-Engraved-RMuseum of Modern Art – MoMA Multimedia

291 by Jason Sneed

Abstraction and Universal Language in the Rhythm Films of Hans Richter, Malcolm Turvey, MIT Press Journal, October, Summer 2003, Pages 13–36

Inspired by Hans Richter’s publication, Dada Art and Anti-Art, published 1964, this site offers an audio playlist of eight works containing quotes from Kurt Schwitters, Marcel Duchamp, Jean Arp, Hans Richter, Margery Rex, Francis Picabia, and Hugo Ball.


Hand-Engraved-RNational Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

This comprehensive website offers all things Dada: Description, Cities, Art, Biographies, Techniques, and Slogans. The Art pages sample Dada multi-media, accompanied by written or audio narrative, with sound poems performed by Kurt Schwitters and Raoul Hausmann.


Hand-Engraved-ROpen Culture

Hear the Experimental Music of the Dada Movement: Avant-Garde Sounds from a Century Ago

Hear three audio clips containing one original performance of Antonio Russolo’s 1921 “Corale and Serenata,”and two recreations performed by Trio Exvoco: Hugo Ball’s 1916 “Karawane” and Kurt Schwitter’s 1919 “Simultangedicht kaa gee dee.” Such “experimental music” evokes the art, heart and atmosphere of Dada.

Three Essential Dadaist Films: Groundbreaking Works by Hans Richter, Man Ray & Marcel Duchamp

This website offers Hans Richter’s 1927 short film, “Ghosts Before Breakfast,” silent and subtitled, (the audio having been destroyed by the Nazis); Man Ray’s graphics of “Le Retour à la Raison” (“Return to Reason”); and Marcel Duchamp’s 1926 “Anémic Cinéma,” featuring hypnotic revolving images and French phrases.


Hand-Engraved-RPolyvore DADA La Di Da Da

A wacky little fashion/shopping site has a collection of fun graphics and collage projects related to Dada.


Hand-Engraved-RSolomon R. Guggenheim Museum

This website displays 10 works by artists Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Francis Picabia, Man Ray, and Kurt Schwitters, with curatorial commentaries.


Hand-Engraved-RTate, U.K.: Dada

This website offers an introduction to Dada, supplemented by links to Dada “Artists in focus,” “In context,” and “In detail.” “Audio Arts” include discussions by Marcel Duchamp and Hermann Nitsch, as well as curatorial commentary.


Hand-Engraved-RUbuWeb: Sound

An extensive online collection of sound poetry and sound art, both historical and contemporary, with a wide selection of Dada and Fluxus works. All works are listed alphabetically under the name of the artist.


Hand-Engraved-RWe are the Mainstream: A Blog by Jennifer Smart

Buddhism: The Groundless Declaration of Independence and Can Eating Salad Truly be Considered Art?

This website narrates the 1960’s rise and fall of Fluxus as a Neo-Dadaist group, replete with contrarian world views, Manifestoes thereon, and performance art therefore. Its parallel to the Dadaists diverged as the novelty – and lack of direction – wore thin.



WWI, Cabaret Voltaire & the beginnings of Dada

Posted on YouTube by Byron Caplan-2013

This film clip is an excerpt of Caplan’s documentary, “Random Acts of Beauty: The Story of Dada.” It contains Dada’s beginnings at the Café Voltaire, biographies, images, scholarly commentaries, and a 1959 BBC interview with Richard Huelsenbeck.

Dada Manifesto 1918

Posted on YouTube by Byron Caplan-2013

An excerpt of Tristan Tzara’s work is read by Andre Codnesceau, and dramatized by archival film images.

ABC’s of Dada 1 of 3: Zurich 1916

ABC’s of Dada 2 of 3: Berlin 1918

ABC’s of Dada 3 of 3: Biographies, exhibitions and recitations

Posted on YouTube by OttOmOlOtOv

These videos contain bios, archival footage, artist and scholar interviews, multi-media images, and diary excerpts, including that of Hugo Ball describing his otherwise indescribable sound poem recitation at the Café Voltaire.