Dada Poems Wanted

06-Ad-Song Poems-Wanted-1916


Seeking Dada Submissions

☛ Seeking poetry (35 lines maximum) and short prose (250 words maximum) focused directly, or tangentially, on the spirit, themes, methods, or history of Dada. Open the door and rush right through. Also seeking Dada-influenced and inflected 2D artwork in all media (collage, drawing, graphics, painting, photography, typography). Visual works sought also include concrete and visual poetry, scores for sound poetry, and integrated image and text works.

☛ Dada is not an historical art movement nor is it a style or fashion. Dada is an ancient frame of mind, given distinct form and name in the early twentieth-century, which repudiates hubris, elitism and human self-importance. Therefore, please send nonsense, lunacy, foolishness, unintelligible gibberish, and serious dialectic bullshit produced in the most elegant, refined manner feasible. Emotions, sentiment and good sense must be checked at the door (concealed carrying of such feeble weapons will not be permitted, if you want to hide something get a gun).

☛ We want work in large quantities, as soon as humanly possible, that emerges through spontaneous action, random processes, pure chance, and sophisticated indeterminate approaches. We embrace work that skewers reason, logic, art, history, science, religion, faith, math, politics, advertising, capitalism, socialism, communism, fashion, media, philosophy, technology, sex and most other facets of human life that have led us into the inescapable and terminal cul-de-sacs of progress, growth, wealth, power, vanity and belief.

☛ Submit text as Microsoft Word files (.doc or .docx) or Adobe PDF files (.pdf). Submit image files as high-resolution files (minimum 300 dpi) in one of the following formats: JPEG (.jpg); Adobe PDF (.pdf); PNG (.png); or TIFF (.tif). Adobe production file formats, such as Photoshop (.psd) and Illustrator (.ai), are also acceptable. Files should be submitted on DVD-ROM disc or USB “flash” drive. We’re working on online submission, but are not there yet… fuck progress.

☛ Initial journal number is planned for Fall 2016. Interim gallery exhibitions and broadside publication are imminent threats to public safety. Submissions or inquiries may be directed to:

H. Michael Sanders, Editor
Howard M. “Burnt” Nortonn, Publisher

International Journal of Dada Mining
c/o Elena Press
PO Box 429201
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242