Dada Mining: A Cultural Technology Manifesto for a Throbbing New Century

By H. Michael Sanders

Dada mining is an evangelistic process, derived from disinformation science, designed to explore and analyze indeterminate amounts of dada. This is typically business related dada (big-ass corporate dada), or other massive accumulations of essentially useless and meaningless information, in search of inconsistent patterns, insignificant drivel, unintelligible platitudes, and incongruent variables, and then to invalidate any findings as quickly and as thoroughly as is humanly possible (but with minimal effort).

This is by no means a new technology, but in fact dates to the early twentieth-century and evolved from a curious interdisciplinary synthesis of poetry, rude guttural noises, pictorial representations hurriedly pasted together, drifting abstraction, weird central European vaudeville, odd and unexpected juxtapositions of found objects, and readily accessible printing technologies. This parasite-ridden amalgam infested cultural communications, artistic and literary activities, and popular entertainment with a virulent “dada strain” of negativity that has persisted in various forms throughout the last century to the present day. Why? We don’t yet know the answer to this persistent, age-old question. Moreover, quite frankly, we don’t really give a damn. Perhaps it’s Nothing that we should be concerned about.

Dada mining may also be described as an utterly contemporary approach to extracting the viscously rancid and bitter nothingness of dada from the ubiquitous surrounding substrate of pseudo-culture and capitalist whore-mongering, and subsequently thrusting it back into the grimacing faces of the hapless boobs and knobs responsible for foisting this insufferable and inauthentic shit on the rest of us, which they accomplish through their unremitting greed, astounding cultural ignorance, reprehensible disregard for others, willful environmental destruction, and sheer stupidity. Oh, yes… there are political dimensions and applications as well, but these tend to drift toward impotent and mindlessly impractical anarchy. Dada sucks.

It really, really does.

May 7, 2015


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