MetaDada Broadside No. 7: Dada Culture

DBS-07-DadaCulture-Final copy

“People who joins us keep their freedom. We don’t accept any theories.”- Tristan Tzara, “The Second Dada Manifesto” (1918)

The modern use of the word “culture” is purportedly derived from the writings of the famous Roman orator, Cicero, who in about 45 BC wrote Tusculanae Disputationes [Tusculan Disputations]. In this dimly illuminating manuscript [see illustration] he uses an agricultural metaphor, cultura animi, to refer to the cultivation of a “soul” or what we might term a philosophical outlook. That’s what MetaDada is all about, a world-view that places all things into soulful perspective under the throbbing, sore thumb of Dada. Dada Culture is ready to flex its smooth, bulging muscles to root out idiocy and lay it lovingly in the sun to dry, right after it gets all hot and sweaty at the gym.


“We are looking for a straightforward pure sober unique force we are looking for NOTHING we affirm the VITALITY of every instant the the anti-philosophy of spontaneous acrobatics…”  – Tristan Tzara, “Unpretentious Proclamation” (1919)


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