MetaDada Presents Recent Translations of Five Poems by Emmy Hennings

Poems translated from the German by William Seaton


Hand-Engraved-RMetaDada No. 1 will include publication of five poems by Emmy Hennings, one of the original Zurich dadas, recently translated from the German by William Seaton. Seaton, author of Dada Poetry: An Introduction (Nirala Press, 2013), completed these translations subsequent to publication of his book. The volume features numerous other poems by Hennings, along with work by Hans Arp, Hugo Ball, and Richard Huelsenbeck. He notes that, “Hennings represents at once the swan song of an overripe German Romanticism and the furious explosive outburst of modernism.” Hennings’ poetry is an intense reflection of her personal experience, and her work is suffused with “a conviction of some intolerable derangement in things… linked with a nearly desperate eroticism, yet expressed with redemptive poise and precision,” as Seaton relates in his book (p. 47). MetaDada is delighted to be publishing these translations of verse by one of the Dada movement’s founding members. – MEK-HMS. Hand-Engraved-L

William Seaton’s Dada Poetry: An Introduction includes poems by Dada founders Emmy Hennings, Richard Huelsenbeck, Hans Arp and Hugo Ball, along with Seaton’s substantial introductory essay, “An Introduction to Dada.”


01-Dada for Women


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